Employment Type
Part-Time (immediate) to Full-Time (long-term)
Job Location
Portland, OR
Base Salary
$ Based on experience
Date posted
January 1, 2020
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Position title
Reputation Researcher
Essential Functions

Reputation Researcher has an insatiable appetite to explore the depths and complexities of reputations for businesses and nonprofits. What are the perceptions, opinions and overall sentiment of a brand? What are the feelings of executives, staff, future employees, customers, prospective customers, vendors, media? What are the conversations on social media platforms? What's not being said? How does a client's reputation stack up against competition?

Our clients want answers. We need your smart, analytical and strategic mind to join our team.

What's needed:
  • Business acumen and focus. Knowledge about business and nonprofits a must.  Prior to beginning any research, ReputationUs seeks to understand business objectives and determine research objectives.
  • Background in related research.  Although “reputation research” is a bit unique, we’re looking for a team member with related experience in brand research. Having a background in examining demographics, psychographics and demographics.
  • Know reputation “inside and out.” ReputationUs takes an “inside out” approach to research, planning and execution.  That is, what is the reputation inside (e.g., executives, board, staff, customers) and outside (e.g., community, media, social media)
  • Develop and direct given research assignments.  We’re looking for a teammate to lead multiple research assignments and teams.
  • Communicate! Deliver frequent updates and direction to team and clients.
  • Plan and create a plan of action.  Do you have applicable experience setting research goals and managing those objectives to completion?
  • Get into the weeds. Clients are partnering with us to see things they can’t see. We need you to conduct detailed research that will uncover valuable insights and data, while juxtaposing those findings to business objectives.
  • Process.  Ability to clearly formulate an effective and efficient research process.
  • Trends and patterns. You’re skilled in identifying key reputation indicators, market trends and patterns.
  • Methods. You have proven background in designing surveys, drafting questionnaires, formulating polls that are specific to research requirements.
  • Test ‘em. Once you completed the research, let’s test the findings to confirm (or not!) the intended purpose of evaluation.
  • Play the field.  Perform fieldwork, interviews, experiments, concept-test, etc. to gather data.
  • Get professional help. Utilize various professional sources to find and extract pertinent information
  • Analyze this. Perform evaluative analysis of selected resources and current market data.
  • Put it all together. Compile and organize findings and provide recommendations in graphs, charts, mock-ups, and diagrams.
  • Present. Document, report, and present reputation findings and recommendations to management and clients.
Required Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in research, economics or related field required, Master’s preferred
  • Extensive and proven experience in field of research
  • Knowledgeable in various research and testing methodologies
  • Experience using statistical analysis software
  • Proficient using Microsoft Suite
  • In-depth knowledge of our specific field
  • Strong math and statistical skills
  • Performs objective and ethical research at all times
  • Well-versed in database management
  • Effective communicator both orally and written

We’re a relatively small team at ReputationUs, so a good fit personality-wise is a must! A calm and friendly demeanor goes a long way.

Position: Reputation Researcher

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