Where the Court of Law and Court of Public Opinion Coexist

RepUs provides the communications strategy and support attorneys and their clients need to succeed. Our experienced litigation support team is skilled at:

  • Helping attorneys prevail in court and the court of public opinion
  • Protecting, restoring or even enhancing the client’s reputation before, during and after a legal matter
  • Providing a different professional insight and perspective to guard against “blind spots” on case-related issues

RepUs’ support also includes maintaining effective internal communications in times of litigation and helping lawyers bridge any reputation gap between clients’ ideals and public perception. Our custom-made approach to each case is a “win-win” for legal professionals and their clients, and an effective tool to achieve the desired outcome.

When To Bring In RepUs

  • Communicating internally with staff, partners and stakeholders
  • Informing the public, media and social media influencers
  • Managing client reputations
  • Strategizing risk management

The Process

  • Whether a plaintiff in a case or defending a client from a legal action, the earlier communications counsel is brought in, the more effective the outcomes.
  • Identifying the right communications partner for each case should be done well in advance to preserve valuable preparation time during litigation.
  • Initial conversations between attorneys—and sometimes client—and RepUs can be held under a mutually exclusive nondisclosure agreement (NDA).
  • Once the scope of the communications need has been identified, the working contract can be arranged to include RepUs in the circle of attorney-client  privilege.