About the Program

Nonprofits want to tell their stories and support their causes. To do this successfully, nonprofits must, among many other things, take care of their reputation. Health, social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on nonprofits have made reputation management all the more essential in building familiarity, establishing trust and fortifying confidence within your nonprofit and within the communities you serve and from whom you receive support. Additionally, nonprofits are sometimes tasked with protecting their valuable reputations during a crisis or addressing a challenging issue or political climate affecting their cause.

ReputationUs (RepUs), a reputation management firm and NAO Verified Business Affiliate member works with nonprofits to help enhance, protect and defend their reputation through the annual RepUs Nonprofit Reputation Program. For tips, read more here.


In partnership with NAO, and to celebrate Pro Bono Week (week of October 26, 2020), RepUs is offering one NAO Nonprofit member with six-months of pro bono reputation management support (a value of $14,000). The six-month collaboration includes:

  • An assessment of the nonprofit’s current reputation internally (e.g., staff, volunteers, donors) and externally (e.g., public, political, media, social media),
  • an actionable 2021 reputation management plan, and
  • Reputation management support that includes content management, crisis management, media relations, social media, news releases and message unity training.

We welcome applications from all organizations, regardless of their type of work, so long as the organization is working towards the betterment of the community, society or planet. (Not sure if your organization is an NAO member? Check the list of current members here. To sign up or renew your membership, visit the NAO website.)

Due Date: Applications must be received by Friday, November 20, 2020 at 6:00 PM PT.



  • Be a registered 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit
  • Be based in Oregon
  • Be a current NAO Nonprofit Member
  • Have the capacity (staff, time, etc.) to designate to the reputation project in 2021
  • Complete all sections of the below application

ALL applicants receive an invitation to participate in a free two-hour reputation management workshop in Q1 2021.

Due Date: Applications must be received by Friday, November 20, 2020 at 6:00 PM PT.

ReputationUs helped our organization to better understand how we are perceived by our clients, community, and the public at large. With their team's expertise, we were able to refine our messaging and develop a bank of new marketing and communications strategies. RepUs showed that they genuinely cared about our long-term success by going above and beyond to keep in contact and offer help wherever they could. It is clear that RepUs truly cares about giving back to nonprofits and any organization would be lucky to get the chance to work with them!

Kecia Kubota
Executive Director / Camp Fire Central Oregon, NAO Nonprofit Member