Reputation Has A New Home – ReputationUs

Reputation Has A New Home – ReputationUs

We think about reputation a lot.  Not our own, per se, but rather business and nonprofit reputations. How are reputations formed? How long does it take to build a strong reputation? Who (employees, customers, community, media, social influencers) ultimately decides what is the organization’s reputation?

When a crisis happens, how does it affect a reputation? ReputationUs endeavors to tackle these questions and more.

Today’s reputation is often influenced by the constant digital environment we live in (e.g., social, news coverage, online).  However, digital is far from the only way to measure reputation–and may be one of the last channels we explore to measure reputation.

ReputationUs takes an “inside out” approach to analyzing reputation.  That is, an organization’s image starts internally with its people, its product and its service.  What’s the reputation temperature of the organization with the employees?  Are they on board? Do they believe in the leaders, their peers, the product/service/vision?  For recruiting and onboarding purposes, what are future employees feeling about the organization?

Next, what are the customers and prospective customers saying (or not saying)? How do they feel about the overall value of the organization? Are these perceptions reality or misunderstood?

We then examine the organization’s industry (association, competitors, vendors, trade media) and community (if applicable) to take a close look at what peers are discussing.

Finally, we explore online chatter. You know…social media posts, online reviews, blogs, video mentions. Are there discussions or recurring themes an organization should know about as it pertains to its image?

We don’t stop there…

Once we thoroughly assess the reputation, we offer an analysis and outline specific recommendations on what the organization can do to move forward.  We’re there every step of the way.

We are reputation partners. We exist to enhance, protect and defend valuable reputations.

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