Who is in charge of your reputation?

If having a good reputation is critical, then who is deputized within your organization to oversee your reputation? RepUs performs the role of the Chief Reputation Officer (CRO) for your organization.

We, the acting CRO, collaborate with your organization’s executives to manage and protect your valuable reputation.  That is, we take the important responsibility of safeguarding your reputation via internal and external strategy and ongoing communications. Until there is someone qualified and designated to take on the CRO position, RepUs will oversee your reputation, public relations, public affairs, as well as take an integrated management approach to efficiently and consistently communicate to all targeted audiences.

The RepUs CRO role includes (but not limited to):

  • Developing and implementing an integrated communication policy actively embedded in your organization’s overall business strategy.
  • Helping your organization to closely understand your industry and key audiences. We provide ongoing insights and tools on how to translate this understanding into differentiating, attractive perceptions and supportive behaviors.
  • Assisting your organization to build and maintain strong partnerships with key stakeholders among the market and communities you serve.
  • Supporting your organization to create strategic alignment through your company’s vision, mission, values and overall market position.
  • Helping your organization to create a stronger, healthier perception.
  • Assessing (see Reputation Audit) your organization by enhancing a sustainable reputation.
  • Supporting your organization by identifying and mitigating against reputational risks, while actively advising and participating in decisions to enhance, protect and defend your reputation.
  • Preparing key executives and managers throughout your organization for the unexpected.
  • Advising and supporting your top executives to build and maintain their own personal reputation as approachable and competent leaders.
  • Scoring and measuring your organization’s reputation year-over-year, as well as how you’re doing vs. your competition’s reputation.
  • Motivating your organization to take a serious look at reputation to attain corporate excellence and achieve a competitive edge.