A 12-Month Crisis Risk Management Program

If the pandemic and various crises of 2020 have taught businesses anything, it’s the exhausting nature of being in continual crisis mode. With evolving rules, regulations and recommendations, coupled with uncertain global economic fallout and a national reckoning on racial and social justice issues, the necessity for continuous REPUTATION PROTECTION and CRISIS RESPONSE has never been more apparent.

The Yearlong Crisis Coverage Program Offers Month-To-Month Risk Assessments, Check-Ins and Check-Ups, Including:

Updated Crisis Plan

A 2021 revised crisis mitigation and communication plan designed to safeguard your organization’s reputation throughout the year. The plan identifies or reconfigures your Crisis Response Team, revises internal policies and procedures to ensure everyone is clear on what to do when a crisis hits, and anticipates the next viable crisis to hit your organization with scenario responses for the first hour, three-hours, and 24-hours.

Training: Crisis Scenarios and Simulations

Crisis readiness begins by identifying realistic scenarios that will adversely affect your organization.

RepUs will test the plan and prepare your Crisis Response Team with table-top training or mock crises simulations (e.g., cyber attack, pandemic response, legal issues, natural disasters, active shooters, HR issues).

Immediate Communications Support

To mitigate against further reputational or economic damage, RepUs will be available throughout the year with immediate, 24/7 strategy and communication support.

RepUs will partner with you to offer a different professional perspective and guard against “blind spots.”

Renewable Annually. Cancellable Any Time.

Starting NOW and In 2021, Your Organization CANNOT:

  • Let Down Your Guard
  • Wait for the Next Crisis
  • Be Unprepared

There’s too much at risk! Just as an insurance premium can protect your organization from catastrophic losses against injury, natural disasters, and other risks, the ReputationUs Yearlong Crisis Coverage program ensures that your organization can weather the predictable and unpredictable storms that lie ahead.

Yearlong Crisis Coverage:
A Monthly Investment Priority in Proactive Protection

Changing political, environmental and cultural situations require a proactive approach to risk management. The ReputationUs Yearlong Crisis Coverage provides:

  • Crisis management “insurance” that offers peace-of-mind and new insights into mitigating new crisis vulnerabilities through our month-to-month support services.
  • Foster familiar partnerships with a dedicated response team before the next crisis strikes.
  • Protect your reputation by developing and updating your crisis plan. RepUs puts the plan to the test ahead of time to ensure your organization is prepared and resilient. Then, we provide regular oversight.
  • Future-think the next crisis with flexible, reliable and “ensurable” coverage.
Protect your reputation and bottom-line with a comprehensive monthly crisis protection plan and access to our experienced, familiar, and proven crisis support team. In this time of rapid change, make your crisis preparation an ongoing priority.
Casey Boggs
President / ReputationUs
Renewable Annually. Cancellable Any Time.